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Notice of Election



FEBRUARY 27, 2024


TO THE QUALIFIED ELECTORS OF THE COUNTY OF MUSKEGON, STATE OF MICHIGAN:  Notice is hereby given, that a PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY ELECTION will be held in the following precincts in Muskegon County, Michigan on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2024 from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.



Notice is further given that the POLLING PLACES FOR SAID ELECTION will be as follows:


Blue Lake Township 1 Blue Lake Twp Hall 1491 Owasippe, Twin Lake
Casnovia Township 1 Casnovia Twp Hall 245 S. Canada, Casnovia
Cedar Creek Township 1 Cedar Creek Twp Hall 6556 Sweeter Rd., Twin Lake
Dalton Township 1 Dalton Twp Fire Dept. 1650 Riley Thompson, Muskegon
2 Village of Lakewood Hall 6681 Automobile, Twin Lake
3 Dalton Twp Fire Dept. 1650 Riley Thompson, Muskegon
Egelston Township 1 Oakridge Comm. Ed. 275 S. Wolf Lake, Muskegon
2 VFW Post 7729 6285 E. Apple Ave., Muskegon
3 Egelston Twp Hall 5428 E. Apple Ave., Muskegon
Fruitland Township 1 Community Bldg. 6227 S. Shore Dr., Whitehall
2 Fruitland Twp Hall 4545 Nestrom, Whitehall
Fruitport Charter Township 1 Calvary Church 213 W. Oak St., Fruitport
2 Port City Church 3387 Hts Ravenna, Muskegon
3 Grace Lutheran Church 2651 Shettler, Muskegon
4 Fruitport Twp Hall 5865 Airline Rd., Fruitport
  5 Fruitport Christian Ref. Church 3520 E Pontaluna Rd., Fruitport
Holton Township 1 Holton Twp Hall 6511 Holton Whitehall, Holton
Laketon Township 1 Laketon Bethel Church 1568 W. Giles Rd., Muskegon
2 Laketon Twp Hall 2735 W. Giles Rd., Muskegon
Montague Township 1 Montague Twp Hall 8915 Whitbeck, Montague
Moorland Township 1 Moorland Twp Hall 12416 E Apple Ave., Ravenna
Muskegon Charter Township 1 Muskegon Twp Hall 1990 E. Apple Ave., Muskegon
2 Discovering Christ Church 2330 Holton Rd., Muskegon 49445
3 First Baptist Church 1070 S Quarterline Rd, Muskegon
4 First Baptist Church 1070 S Quarterline Rd. Muskegon
Ravenna Township 1 Ravenna Twp Hall 3770 Blackmer Rd., Ravenna
Sullivan Township 1 Sullivan Twp Hall 8138 Hts. Ravenna, Ravenna
White River Township 1 White River Twp Hall 7386 Post Rd., Montague
Whitehall Township 1 Whitehall Twp Hall 7644 Durham Rd., Whitehall
Montague City 1 City Hall 8778 Ferry St., Montague
Muskegon City 1 Central Assembly of God-Life Center 896 Home St., Muskegon
2 Central Assembly of God-Life Center 896 Home St., Muskegon
3 Smith-Ryerson 650 Wood St., Muskegon
4 City Hall 933 Terrace St., Muskegon
5 Dept of Public Works 1350 Keating, Muskegon
6 MPS Admin Building 1458 5th St, Muskegon
7 Muskegon Farmers Market 242 W Western
8 Celebration Community Church 1260 W. Sherman Blvd., Muskegon
9 Great Lakes Museum 1346 Bluff St., Muskegon
Muskegon Heights City 1 Hope Lighthouse Church 2640 Peck St., Muskegon Hts
2 W.L. Burrel Multiplex 412 Sherman, Muskegon Hts
3 City Hall 2724 Peck, Muskegon Hts
4 W.L. Burrel Multiplex 412 Sherman, Muskegon Hts
North Muskegon City 1 Walker Community Center 409 Stewart, N Muskegon
Norton Shores City 1 Shores Community Church 3800 Lake Harbor Rd, Norton Shores
2 Norton Shores Library 705 Seminole, Norton Shores
  3 New Life Community Church 4095 Grand Haven Rd, Norton Shores
4 Norton Shores Parks/Rec Garage 4814 Henry, Norton Shores
5 Norton Shores Fire Sta. #3 1100 E. Pontaluna, Norton Shores
6 Unity Reformed Church 1521 Porter Rd, Norton Shores
7 Bridge Bible Church 5035 Henry, Norton Shores
Roosevelt Park City 1 Community Bldg. 3106 Roosevelt, Muskegon
Whitehall City 1 City Hall 405 E Colby, Whitehall


Absentee ballots are available for all elections; registered voters may contact the local clerk to obtain an application for an absent voter ballot.

To comply with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), voting instructions will be available in audio format and in Braille. Arrangements for obtaining the instructions in these alternate formats can be made by contacting the local clerk in advance of the election. All polling locations are accessible for voters with disabilities.



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Public Accuracy Test for the Tuesday, February 27, 2024 Presidential Primary Election has been scheduled for Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 10:00 a.m. at the following locations/times:


Blue Lake Twp Hall   Egelston Twp Hall   Laketon Twp Hall
1491 Owasippe Rd   5428 E Apple Ave   2735 W Giles Rd
Twin Lake, MI   Muskegon, MI   Muskegon, MI
231-894-6335   231-788-2308   231-744-2454
Casnovia Twp Hall   Fruitland Twp Hall   Montague Twp Hall
245 S Canada Rd   4545 Nestrom Rd   8915 Whitbeck Rd
Casnovia, MI   Whitehall, MI   Montague, MI
616-675-4064   231-766-3208   231-894-4414
Cedar Creek Twp Hall   Fruitport Twp Hall   Moorland Twp Hall
6556 Sweeter Rd   5865 Airline Rd   12416 E Apple Ave
Twin Lake, MI   Fruitport, MI   Ravenna, MI
231-821-0014   231-865-3151   231-853-2015
Dalton Twp Hall   Holton Twp Hall   Muskegon Twp Hall
1616 E Riley Thompson Rd   6511 Holton Whitehall Rd   1990 E Apple Ave
Muskegon, MI   Holton, MI   Muskegon, MI
231-766-3043   231-821-2168   231-777-2555
Ravenna Twp Hall   Montague City Hall   Norton Shores City Hall
3770 Blackmer Rd   8778 Ferry St   4814 Henry St
Ravenna, MI   Montague, MI   Norton Shores, MI
231-853-6205   231-893-1155   231-798-4391
Sullivan Twp Hall   Muskegon City Hall   Roosevelt Park City Hall
8138 Hts Ravenna Rd   933 Terrace St   900 Oak Ridge Rd
Ravenna, MI   Muskegon, MI   Muskegon, MI
231-853-6900   231-724-6705   231-755-3721
White River Twp Hall   Muskegon Hts City Hall   Whitehall City Hall
7386 Post Rd   2724 Peck St   405 E Colby St
Montague, MI   Muskegon Hts, MI   Whitehall, MI
231-894-9216   231-733-8820   231-894-4048
Whitehall Twp Hall   North Muskegon City Hall    
7644 Durham Rd   1502 Ruddiman Dr    
Whitehall, MI   North Muskegon, MI    
231-893-2095   231-744-1621    



The Public Accuracy Test is conducted to determine that the program and the computer being used to tabulate the results of the election, counts the votes in the manner prescribed by the law.



Karen D. Buie, Muskegon County Clerk

Publish: February 11, 2024